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Exactly About Test Marriage-Based Green Card Interview Issues

Exactly About Test Marriage-Based Green Card Interview Issues

Here is a listing of the types of concerns you may be expected at your card marriage that is green meeting. Test yourself!

Preparing for the marriage-based green card meeting? The listed here are sample questions that will help you prepare.

Keep in mind, there is absolutely no guarantee that the interviewer will ask you all or some of these concerns (though most of them are drawn from real interviews). However these should allow you to get along with your fiance or spouse started in the procedure for testing each other’s memory.

Whether it’s an adjustment that is regular of or visa meeting, you could expect just a few concerns.

In the event that immigration authorities are becoming dubious, nevertheless, believing that your particular wedding could be a fraudulence to have an eco-friendly card, you may expect a lot of the questions, or questions you and your U.S. Petitioner like them, to be asked of. In reality, they may split up both of you and do what is called a “Stokes meeting, ” then compare your answers later on.

We have split the feasible questions into thematic groupings. Once again, these do NOT originate from any formal list developed by U.S. Immigration authorities.

Growth of Your Relationship

  • Where did you satisfy?
  • Exactly exactly just What did both of you have commonly?
  • Where did you buy dates?
  • Whenever did your relationship change intimate?
  • Just how long had been it just before made a decision to get hitched?
  • Whom proposed to who?
  • Why did you choose to have long, quick engagement?
  • Did your parents accept of this match? Why or you will want to?

The Marriage

  • Exactly How people that are many your wedding?
  • Did all of your mother and father attend?
  • Where ended up being the wedding held?
  • Was here music or other activity?
  • What sort of dessert ( or other food) do you provide?
  • Who have been the bridesmaids/groomsmen?
  • Exactly exactly How belated did the visitors remain?
  • Did the bride modification garments for the reception?
  • Did you provide alcohol? What kind?
  • Did anybody get drunk or elsewhere embarrass themselves during the reception? Whom? Describe.
  • Just just What time do you plus the bride or groom leave the reception?
  • Do you carry on a vacation? Whenever did you keep? Exactly How do you make it? Just What air companies?

Regular Routines

  • Whom gets up first? At what time?
  • Just just exactly How alarm that is many would you set each day?
  • Whom makes morning meal?
  • Exactly What do each one of you consume for break fast?
  • Does your better half drink coffee each day?
  • That is your spouse’s boss? What’s the location of the spouse’s workplace? What’s the name of the spouse’s employer?
  • Exactly how much does your partner make every or year month? How frequently will be your partner compensated?
  • What time does your spouse show up home from work?
  • Whom cleans the home?
  • Just What is your garbage picked up day?
  • Whom takes proper care of spending the bills?
  • Have you got a bank account that is joint? Where?
  • Do you have got a cat, dog, or any other animal? Whom feeds it? Whom walks it (or cleans its kitty box that is litter cage, etc. )?
  • Do you and/or your spouse go to regular spiritual solutions? Where?
  • Where would you keep consitently the toilet paper that is spare?
  • Does your partner just just take any medications that are regular?
  • Whom picks within the young ones in school?
  • Whom packs lunches when it comes to children?
  • What exactly are their toys/activities that are favorite?
  • What exactly are their minimum favorite meals?
  • Which kids (if any) nevertheless make use of child car seat?
  • What exactly is your babysitter’s that is usual title?

The Cooking

  • Exactly just How times that are many week on average can you consume away?
  • What exactly is your favorite restaurant for unique occasions? For regular outings?
  • Who all the cooking?
  • Would you the trips to market? Where?
  • Will there be a specific meals that you consume each week?
  • What exactly is your spouse’s favorite/least favorite food?
  • Just What color would be the home curtains?
  • Do a barbecue is had by you grill? Do you utilize it?
  • Is the kitchen kitchen stove gasoline or electric?

Other Members Of The Family

  • Have actually you came across each parents that are other’s?
  • How frequently would you see each other’s moms and dads? Where do they live?
  • Whenever ended up being the last time you saw them? Where? For the length of time?
  • On essential breaks, do you really purchase gifts that are individual your parents-in-law? Do they purchase specific gift suggestions for you?
  • Just how can each one of you be friends with your parents-in-law?
  • Just exactly How numerous brothers and sisters does your partner have? What exactly are their names?
  • Which other people in your spouse’s family do you realy see usually? When had been the time that is last saw them? Just What did you do together?

Home Tech

  • How numerous land-line phones are in your home? Where will they be?
  • What sort of cellular phone does your partner have? What exactly is the telephone quantity?
  • Just exactly How televisions that are many inside your home? By which rooms? Would you watch programs together, or individually? Name one explain to you constantly view together.
  • Do any television is recorded by you programs?
  • Do you realy donate to a DVD rental or streaming video clip solution?
  • Exactly just What business provides your cable solution? Online sites?
  • Just just How computers that are many laptops, or tablets come in the home? The type will they be?
  • Does your spouse pay attention to radio stations? What section?
  • What type of vehicle does your partner drive?

Within the room

  • Exactly just exactly What size is your sleep (Twin, Queen, or King)?
  • Have you got a mattress that is regular futon, or waterbed?
  • Just just exactly How many windows are here in your bed room?
  • Just just just What color are your spouse’s pajamas?
  • Who sleeps for each part regarding the sleep?
  • Just just What as a type of contraception (birth prevention) can you use?
  • Whenever had been your wife’s last period that is menstrual?
  • Where can you maintain your toothbrushes? What sort of toothpaste, detergent, and shampoo does each one of you utilize?
  • Do either of you read or view television before you go to sleep? Are you experiencing lights next to your sleep?
  • Perhaps you have had a quarrel that lead to certainly one of you resting an additional space? Whom, and which room?

All of those other Home

  • Do you really live in house or apartment? Whom will pay the home loan or rent? Simply how much can it be?
  • Do a garage is had by you? Whom parks in it? Do a garage is used by you home opener?
  • Will there be a carpet in your front hot cambodian mail order brides side hallway? What color? Is your settee an one that is regular does it have pull-out sleep?
  • Maybe you have had houseguests rest there?
  • What sort of curtains or screen coverings come in your family area? Just What color?
  • Just exactly exactly How numerous staircases are in your house?
  • Exactly just How numerous sinks, toilets, and showers are there any within your house or apartment as a whole?
  • Would you leave any lights on whenever you go to sleep through the night?


  • Whenever can be your spouse’s birthday?
  • Exactly just just What did you do for the spouse’s last birthday celebration?
  • Exactly just What did your partner offer you as something special for the final birthday celebration?
  • Exactly How did you celebrate your most wedding anniversary that is recent?
  • Exactly exactly What holidays that are religious you celebrate together?
  • What’s the essential crucial vacation regarding the 12 months in your household? Where would you typically celebrate it?
  • Perhaps you have as well as your spouse gone to see a film or other kind of activity recently? Whenever, and just exactly what do the truth is?
  • Exactly what did the two of you do final New Year’s Eve? Fourth of July?
  • Whom takes photos at crucial household occasions?

As you prepare for your visa or green card interview if you were an immigration officer, what would you ask? Try to imagine possible questions, and ask them of each other.

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