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Who are We

Ffresh.Fit aims to serve health tasty and nutritious food to the fitness concerned niche of the society.

Ffresh.Fit also focuses to build a healthy community that has the goal as well zeal to be healthy and fit. It has been observed that most of the diseases people take up here is due to fast food. Cholesterol, Fatty liver, Diabetes,  Gastritis etc. are generally caused due to unsaturated oil that is used to cook food items.

Ffresh.Fit wants to feature that not just strenuous workout in the gym will yield good results but a proper and balanced diet will help in gaining the exact size you want to see yourself into.


Ffresh.Fit’s mission is to serve healthy and tasty food with all its nutrients.

A diet of whole grains, vegetables and fruits offers the vitamins and minerals that meet the body’s needs. A person who takes multivitamins can easily exceed the daily recommended amount of vitamins can easily exceed the daily recommended amount of vitamins that his or her body needs.

Nutrition and physical activity are important parts of a healthy lifestyle when you have diabetes. Along with other benefits, following a healthy meal plan and being active can help you keep your blood glucose level, also called blood sugar, in your target range. To manage your blood glucose, you need to balance what you eat and drink with physical activity and diabetes medicine, if you take any. What you choose to eat, how much you eat, and when you eat are all important in keeping your blood glucose level in the range that your health care team recommends.


Ffresh.Fit’s vision is to reach out to maximum number of people who wants to adapt a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. Healthy food should also be an easy option just like cheesy pizzas or crispy samosas.
Ffresh.Fit aims to leverage on that aspect that healthy food can be tasty and also among the reach of everyone who wishes to have it. It’s just not going to be of privilege for few. Anyone who aims to stay fit and eat healthy can be a part of it. Hence we have a wide range of food for all sections of the society. Come be a part of it.

Our Team

Tanusree Mazumder

Tanusree has around 12 yrs of work ex with hospitals and healthcare industries.She was also into rural health care and had the priviledge to work with a renowned start-up hence she had integrated the health associated factors from the core of her profession. Be it nutritious diet or any special diet she had the privilege to closely associate with doctors and study the food pattern in depth.

Abhik Victor Kashyap

Avik works with and is entrusted with large sums of money and important financial dec isions on daily basis. He controls accounts and finance for a MNC in 3 different countries in West Africa, which gives him comfortability in financial planning/ budgeting, reporting, analysis negotiations of contracts, insurance policies, reviewing invoices and dealing with consumers suppliers, advisors & auditors.

Dr. Aditya Mandal

Dr. Mandal is a renowned Diebetologist and an expertise in internal medicine. His profound knowledge and amicable nature makes patients feel at ease and undergo the treatment easily. He is also known to treat disease of patients from roots with minimal medicines

Dr. S.K Biswas

Dr. Biswas is a dedicated Pediatrician with extensive experience in well and sick care of pediatric patients from newborn to 18+. Personable professional able to relate to wide range of patients parents and staff. Motivational leader with genuine love of kids and desire to improve health and wellbeing of every patient.

Dr. Asif Nizam

Dr. Nijam is presently one of the leading doctors in town who has completed his training from United Kingdom. His area of expertise lies in the feild of Internal Medicine, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Medicine and Respiratory medicine. He excelled in his Post Graduation Diploma in Diabetes (PGDD) and Masterclass in Diabetes from the Royal College of Physician, UK.
Dr. Nijam holds the post of a senior consultant in GD Hospital & Diabetes Institute, Kolkata. He is also associated with other hospitals such as S.S. Chatterjee Heart Centre, Royd Nursing Home, Horizon Healthcare and Sana Nursing Home

Aritra Khan

Mr. Khan is a Nutrition expert, clinical nutritionist and a Diabetes educator. He has varied experience in the field of fitness, Nutrition care, therapeutic diet and lifestyle management. He firmly believes that a permanent shift towards a healthier lifestyle brings with it added perks of weight loss, good health and overall an improved quality of life. He is also a Certified Heart failure Patient Counselor.

“The true joy of eating is that you are conscious of another life willing to become a part of you, to merge and mingle with your own life. This is the greatest pleasure that a human being knows; in some way something that is not him is willing to become a part of him. This is what you call ‘love’. This is what people call ‘devotion’. This is the ultimate goal of the spiritual process.’ –Sadhguru
To me and off-course to all source of life we are what we eat so its our responsibility to choose wisely.
Tanusree Mazumder
Founder & CEO Ffresh.Fit


Ffresh.Fit always gives special value to its regular customers. Subscriptions are valid for discounts who are regular members and also many different offers every month. Policy

Ffresh.Fit Policy : Ffresh.Fit is a FSSAI Govt registered agency to serve healthy tasty food with FSSAI Registration No: 22819039000375 Services

Ffresh.Fit Services: Serving healthy food as well creating a community that helps each other to stay fit and healthy at the same time by just working on the eating habits.